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Post by JoeS »

Hi all,

Picked up my new EX30 Twin Plus in Cloud Blue Friday last week.

Just a couple of quick questions - not sure if these are bugs, limitations or just something I need to change.

First - Bluetooth. I have to reconnect my phone each time I get in the car. It should just reconnect right?
I'll try deleting the phone and readding to see if that helps, but has anyone else had this? Couldn't find any posts about it.

Second - adaptive cruise control distance setting resets to the furthest setting each time I drive, I prefer it at the medium setting. Any way for it to remember your preference?

As I've seen others mentioned, the speed limit detection is pretty useless, keeps thinking the motorway is a 40 :lol: so have set the custom button to disable those warnings.

I'm still trying to work out what to do dashcam wise, currently just using an old phone in a cradle, so if you've got a nice clean easy solution please do tell!

I am enjoying the car though. Nice to have something more comfortable than my Fiesta ST. Obviously doesn't handle anywhere near as good as that did, but it's much better than I thought it would be. And is insanely quick..


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Post by kildare »

EX30 software version?
Phone model?

I found that some phones have more issues with automatic reconnection than others, but anyway don't always fail (that is strange, always or never...)
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Post by JoeS »

It's on 1.3.1 & it's a Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra.
Never had any issues with my last car or any other Bluetooth device.

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Post by gloucester »

Welcome to this forum.

1. Phone Connection

Mine connects about half the time - Samsung S23 - no known solution at present. Many people have this issue, some all the time, some part time.

2. ACC - I'm trying to get Volvo to respond on this issue - it does seem to default to LONG on each restart but that hasn't been definitely confirmed. However I've also reported two unique problems recently:

2A. One day I had the ACC reverting to LONG from SHORT after about a second. I have it on video. Repeatedly pressing SHORT, it changes almost immediately to LONG, time and time again. No one else has reported this.

2B. Yesterday I set off up the road and set the ACC to 50mph. Then I caught up with a line of cars going about 45mph. So the car slowed down to match, as expected. But it was rather close, uncomfortably so, I thought to the car in front for that speed. Now I've found ACC defaults to LONG each time, so I went to Settings and confirmed, yes, it was set to LONG as expected. So I tried an experiment - I set the distance to MEDIUM, and the car dropped BACK to a separation distance about 50% more! Then I tapped LONG again and the car dropped back further, to about twice the distance away it had been originally. And the comfortable distance I would have expected in LONG. Again no one has reported this.So I conclude that, despite the car showing it was set to LONG, it was actually using the SHORT setting!

Hence it's possible that, although the display is defaulting to LONG, the actual setting used by the car is as it was previously set.
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Post by JoeS »

That's interesting, thanks for the info gloucester. Let's hope Volvo can sort these things out!
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Post by SP1959 »

My wife has an old Ssmsung S8, I have an S22. Usually the car detects the first phone brought in to the car and connects to it automatically.

Occasionally it doesn't detect a phone and it has to be added manually, but its simple enough to do as the car does recognise the phone snd its just a matter of selecting it.

Much like my previous car in that respect.
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Post by alphahere »

I have the same problem of the phone needing to be manually connected post 1.3.1 update. It used to connect automatically on 1.2.1. Music would need to be started manually though even on the older version. My other vehicle starts the music playback on the phone automatically once connected.
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Post by NAVGOD »

I'm having intermittent phone Bluetooth issues too. Works sometimes, other times I need to connect manually. Had the car for a week now.
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Post by Ste007 »

NAVGOD wrote: Wed Jun 19, 2024 10:40 am I'm having intermittent phone Bluetooth issues too. Works sometimes, other times I need to connect manually. Had the car for a week now.
It is a fairly common observation, sometimes the phone connects automatically, sometimes it needs to be manually connected. It only takes a few seconds to do but is annoying nonetheless.
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Post by grantp4 »

Samsung S22 Plus - mine is hit and miss regarding auto reconnection.
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